ferry-bus ferry

I was riding south on maybe a coach bus or on the open-air, ferry-deck-like top level of a double-decker bus, the seats filled up, on an elevated highway in Stockholm. The sun had just set, but its light still glowed red on distant castle-like, Stockholm-style, massive brick buildings on both sides of the highway. I got a partially successful photo of one such building to the east, cubic in proportion building with a pyramidal roof and a number of spires. This transitioned somehow into being in an actual ferry, in a somewhat labyrinthine light-brown-carpeted corridor with a lot of widenings and corners; it avoided being claustrophobic because there were stairs up to the deck from the corridor (to my south) illuminated by daylight. We seemed to be nearing the destination because maids were vacuuming the corridor carpet and passengers were walking up and down it with purpose. In one widening of the corridor was an unattended vacuum, so I plugged it into the east wall and vacuumed a bunch of the carpet, having to stay within an arc centered on the outlet because the cord wasn’t that long. I planned to switch outlets to get the rest of the floor within the widening.

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