golden backyard

This scene drifted toward vagueness before I noted it down, but I was on the south side of a small east-west canal with a parallel road elevated over it, so that the canal was shaded by the road; it was a sunny late morning. The surroundings were a flat grassy expanse. There were maybe people accompanying me who were boating on the canal, and I think some others off to the side like me. This segued somehow into being in the backyard in NH on a golden bright sunny afternoon, with the goldenness of the light suffusing everything, thick golden sunbeams dappling through tree branches and etc; the lawn was teeming with, and the air just above it buzzing with, little animals (which seemed normal in variety, just not in number — squirrels, birds probably, maybe insects or other invertebrates of some sort), and I and a few other people were walking among them with amusement/bemusement.

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