Monthly Archives: December 2011

meat market

  • I was with my dad at maybe an indoor market, maybe in Latin America; my dad got a cut of meat in a clear plastic bag from a butcher at the east side the of hall (the butcher counter facing south); he decided to get another one later, at which point the butcher made him get two more instead; they turned out to be large livers; I forget what I got or looked at.
  • I was approaching apartment building from the east with my roommate, a freestanding gambrel building in the evening twilight; I looked up into the illuminated window of the apartment in a dormer and saw pretty much just white ceiling but visualized an open ladderstairs by the window leading to open storage over ceiling beams, all made of light wood; we talked about how stuff was cluttering up the stairs and planned to go clean it up once inside.

Bordeaux times

My parents and I were visiting my uncle at his apartment in Bordeaux (which in the dream was located in Savoie, around the RL location of Chambéry), which was accompanied by a multistory lobby with an angled stairway up to the apartment; there were multiple half-levels inside the apartment, and overall it was an interesting and pleasant space with a nice mix of materials; the ceiling was maybe a single plane and thus quite low where floor was highest; the main stairs were in the southwest corner (the lobby was to the west); there were windows to the east, south, and west, and maybe a bunch of plants around, and I think there were interesting art posters on the walls. At one point I went outside and walked along the east-west main street (the apartment building was on the south side of it) with high east sun, carrying a big white bowl full of fried-dough sort of things. I realized there were a few kids doing similar, walking up and down the street with bowls of fried dough, and other kids would offer money to them for the dough; this seemed to be a special event that day; I was worried that I was stepping on toes thereby, but I kept walking; on the way back east one girl gave me some money bills for the dough, which I think had gotten low by then.

city flotation

A male film star was in a city, situated to the west of a north-south row of buildings, and misty wooded hills lay beyond. He gradually floated up above it, not very high; this morphed into myself being the one floating and seeing the city from the air. It was mostly cloudy, but there seemed to be some weak high west sun at points. I seemed to maybe be an apparition or ghost, because after the floating, I climbed up onto a bus or tram ceiling, or maybe a bus stop ceiling, just next to the row of buildings, and I hung from horizontal ceiling bars with my hands and legs, jungle-gym style, but people could pass right through me. I seemed to be looking at this third-person though so maybe it wasn’t me anymore, or whatever.

jd from Jn

  • I encountered the word “jd” as a term, don’t really remember what it referred to, but it was a full word, pronounced “eed,” and “Jn” was in the mix as well (similarly pronounced “een”; it was maybe the place in Denmark where jd comes from (I have a vague notion of the accompanying setting being outside on a lawn by the wall of a big brick building).
  • There was an asphalt park path full of straight stretches punctuated by right-angled corners (that seemed to be named for Ben Klock), running through a north-south-oriented greensward with trees to the east and a long building to the west, toward which the path led. The building was white, modern, about 3 stories high, with the long east wall facing the park, and with plenty of glazing; I went up the path to the entrance, and just inside, visible via glazing from outside, was a baseboard heater against the south wall of the room, as well as a couch against the same wall. To the east of the couch I placed some sort of finned white plastic arrangement to try to diffuse the radiator’s heat more — actually I placed two plastic pieces, one on top of the other, and wondered whether the radiator would start melting the lower one.

horse finish

  • I was running a 5K through rolling, bucolic woods and then field areas, on a late afternoon; I was leading despite feeling like I was running slow. A family of runners (mostly middle-aged) was next, and they seemed to pass by oncoming at one point, as the course was maybe out & back. The last mile or so was asphalt and mostly downhill and I got going super-fast; the finish was through the gate of a wooden post & beam fence of a farm on the west side of another (north-south) road that the road I’d come in on from the northeast ended in, and I was riding a horse at that point; the time on watch was 8:37 or similar, which seemed slow because I was thinking about it as mile time.
  • I was riding the T from Davis, going back to a hotel; the route through the interior of the very wide-area station was twisty. The car also was also wide, with back-to-back sideways-facing bench seats in the middle (so like a doubling of the T seat arrangement IRL).
  • I was trying to find the remains of forking railroads from Davis but was actually walking south along the road in NH. I thought I saw a trace of a railroad bed slanching across the road slightly, but it seemed to maybe be vehicle trax instead.

chair morph

  • Up at camp, our family friend there kept driving by (by the cabin maybe, though it seemed more like home in NH inside) after dark. Later I was in his house, which contained a dining hall with adjacent courtyards and with a low ceiling but lots of windows with long east/south/west views; one of my Wms friends was there and another came in after I was there, and there were a number of other people present too.
  • In a parking lot at night, with a bunch of students’ cars parked there, was a huge chair. I was there with other students. The chair then also turned into what someone called an airplane, but it was actually a small-yacht-sized structure made out of parallel (crosswise) curved wood slats, and it was actually a chair (it shrank in scale as the scene went on) that would mold itself to how you sat or lay on it; the surroundings became a living room during a bright day, with daylight coming in from east and west, where I was dancing with friends on the slat chair and other pieces of furniture.
  • I arrived by walking to maybe an elementary school or possibly a mixed-ages school (not sure whether I was a student or teacher) that was held in the boatshop. It was a gray early morning. I opened the door of a silver sedan parked in front of the door, owned by one of my friends, to get something of mine out, then went in where there was a group of parents and kids standing in a circle talking (this was probably inspired by watching the Louis CK special.)

alma mater matters

Multiple vignettes from a gathering ostensibly at Wms, not necessarily chronological:

  • I was talking to a friend on Twitter on her birthday, and she had lots of quick-looped YouTube videos of friends that synced well with the 4×4 beat of the house/techno I was listening to.
  • A family friend had put some large wide boards with screws sticking out at angles on the lawn in the backyard by the door to the long garage. I guessed that they were to go on the roof to keep birds away. He unscrewed one of the screws to reveal that it was hollow and attached by another screw to the board.
  • I lay down in the grass out by the compost (but outside the backyard), and a short sprinkle of rain fell despite the sky containing just cirrocumulus.
  • I looked south through the long garage (which was at the southern end of the open space in this case, with the woods near to its south) and saw a whole bunch of railroad workers sitting about.
  • At the north edge of a quad that seemed similar to the RL Frosh Quad was a large old brick simple classical-style hall (like Griffin Hall IRL); I went inside through a door in the west half of the south wall, into a lecture room with shades mostly down and lights off, as if for a slideshow; the room adjoining to the east was also unlit but with shades up and with quite high ceilings, so it was bright with daylight; one of my WU profs was writing out a complex series of equations to help some of my classmates through problems; one of my WU friends was definitely there too, yet the setting still seemed to be more Wms. Also on the wall was a really big penciled diagram of capitalized words [in square brackets] connected by lines, in complex but orderly groupings, seemingly in my handwriting. I wondered if it was from way back in FRS. I think there were other such diagrams filling the walls nearby; I returned to the dark room and then went back out into the quad, where a grid of people sitting at classroom desks was now filling the quad, facing north (i.e. facing me), so with an amused start I slipped sideways to the west edge of the quad to leave it and draw as little attention as possible to myself.


Just a few phrasal notes from this night, scenes malremembered beyond them, unfortunately, as these sound tantalizing: (1) Sahara crossing. (2) Pond circumambulation. (3) Barn/field/shed sunny late afternoon, vague.

table continents

  • There were tables displaying first Australia and then I think Eurasia satellite maps, except they seemed to actually be the places themselves or at least were actual land and water. I manipulated the water’s movement so that ocean floor sediment rippled north from the Southern Ocean, and I washed water over the continents and loosened up green nutrients from the earth. I was concerned about toxic bacterial blooms from the ocean; the Eurasia map was in the surface of the dining table at camp (at least at that point) and I intended to wash it with boiling water, maybe with a sponge, to kill the bacteria. It was a gray day outside the cabin, with the lights on inside.
  • I was washing out the basin of the rice cooker with small amounts of milk; there wasn’t much left in the gallon, so I wanted to leave enough for the next breakfast.

ferry-bus ferry

I was riding south on maybe a coach bus or on the open-air, ferry-deck-like top level of a double-decker bus, the seats filled up, on an elevated highway in Stockholm. The sun had just set, but its light still glowed red on distant castle-like, Stockholm-style, massive brick buildings on both sides of the highway. I got a partially successful photo of one such building to the east, cubic in proportion building with a pyramidal roof and a number of spires. This transitioned somehow into being in an actual ferry, in a somewhat labyrinthine light-brown-carpeted corridor with a lot of widenings and corners; it avoided being claustrophobic because there were stairs up to the deck from the corridor (to my south) illuminated by daylight. We seemed to be nearing the destination because maids were vacuuming the corridor carpet and passengers were walking up and down it with purpose. In one widening of the corridor was an unattended vacuum, so I plugged it into the east wall and vacuumed a bunch of the carpet, having to stay within an arc centered on the outlet because the cord wasn’t that long. I planned to switch outlets to get the rest of the floor within the widening.