first rangeway

Oops! It’s actually Dec. 31 as I’m writing this and while I had written out most of the first scene in the list from this night, I have just noun phrases for the other two, which are not jogging my memory well, particularly the second. Anyway:

  • First scene: having learned about the RL olden-time rangeways in Somerville and Medford yesterday (the farmers’ paths perpendicular to the highways and spaced a quarter-mile apart from each other, today’s major cross streets), I dreamed about walking north next to College Ave from Powderhouse, where there was open, meadowy parkland on the west side of the street, and discovering traces of the mostly discontinued first rangeway in pedestrian paths through the woods and open areas, possibly including a connection to an aligned dead-end street. It was a sunny midday. I noted how steep the course of the rangeway over the north side of the Tufts hill was (as IRL, how did they even get animals up and down that north face).
  • Second scene: “light diffusion.” No recollection; sorry, this scene.
  • Finally, I think I was in the fire station back in NH maybe, or some similar concrete-floored space with daylight to the east and west, and there was something to do with a helmet and with a tank of fuel that was labeled something like “Kerosene/Whatever.” (My notes for this just say “helmet/fuel (Kerosene/Whatever).”)

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