stove proliferation

  • I was with my parents plus some friends or classmates at the cabin in Maine; the Reginald stove was in the middle of the east wall, the Kineo stove (IRL in NH) to its south, both on, though I didn’t notice the presence of the Kineo for a while. The conversation among us was about how easy it was to heat the space with a small stove, despite there being two stoves on. A third stove showed up between the two first ones, maybe the oven.
  • A bookstore/library in Portland, Maine was visible from the southeast in a 45° bird’s-eye view on a sunny day, perhaps in a map interface; it comprised a couple of connected volumes extending onto a dock area to the east, linked by a part labeled “English Dictionary,” which seemed to be a room multiple stacks deep. Subsequently I was inside the bookstore and the dictionariness of the English Dictionary was not apparent; at that point I was near the west door of dictionary room, the intervening wall or at least that door being glazed, and the bookshelf against the east wall temporarily had lots of cool bird books, with the label cards in white Times bold letters on a dark background.

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