dub bombs

  • Walking on a wide city street, eastward I think, with my roommate, on maybe a gray day, I saw a plane (a dubstep plane?) (that was in my draft notes!) flying straight toward the ground as a stunt. Then I saw more doing the same. Suddenly I realized they were actually bombs falling; they were light gray and narrow, ellipsoidal with back fins, about 3′ long. One dropped on the street nearby and didn’t explode, just clattered against the ground as it hit, but even so we reversed course to run and hide behind a nearby masonry wall perpendicular to the street, which seemed to be holding up the portico of a boxy building, up a few steps off the street.
  • A WXC trip was underway and we were traveling variously in a school bus and in multiple cars; the trip was to take two weeks, but I had only packed for about one day, vexingly.
  • My parents and I showed up at last minute to a wedding in a parking lot, but that seemed to be fine.

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