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Somerville lake

There was a lake with a big flattish green space around it in the southeastern Somerville core, probably between Central and School, somewhere south of Highland; first I viewed it from above, maybe on a satellite map, and then as well from the northwest on the ground on a late afternoon with the sun shining on things to the east beyond the lake but with trees shading the lake itself and the deep green greensward where I was; some houses were near the shore of the lake in an irregular layout, typical of low-density lakeshore development but diverging from the street grid superstructure around it. There were long views beyond the lake to the southeast as well as between the lake and the sun-shading trees to the south.

bizarro Lake Michigan

There was a Michigan-mitten-shaped peninsula along with a Lake-Michigan-shaped bay at the northwest end of Hudson Bay that I noticed on Google Maps; it was a twilighty/icy kind of view. I then Street Viewed it; the bay was actually only about a city block wide despite looking just a bit smaller than Lake Michigan and the Michigan Lower Peninsula themselves on the map (partly via Mercator distortion). The south part of the bay sloped sharply down, even the surface of the bay water itself, to the south; the Street View was an afternoon view with the sun slightly north of west. The bay shore was inhabited by small clusters of Boston-suburb-like houses, and I tried to associate these clusters to Lake Michigan cities in corresponding positions (e.g. Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary), but there was only really development in the Milwaukee position).

first rangeway

Oops! It’s actually Dec. 31 as I’m writing this and while I had written out most of the first scene in the list from this night, I have just noun phrases for the other two, which are not jogging my memory well, particularly the second. Anyway:

  • First scene: having learned about the RL olden-time rangeways in Somerville and Medford yesterday (the farmers’ paths perpendicular to the highways and spaced a quarter-mile apart from each other, today’s major cross streets), I dreamed about walking north next to College Ave from Powderhouse, where there was open, meadowy parkland on the west side of the street, and discovering traces of the mostly discontinued first rangeway in pedestrian paths through the woods and open areas, possibly including a connection to an aligned dead-end street. It was a sunny midday. I noted how steep the course of the rangeway over the north side of the Tufts hill was (as IRL, how did they even get animals up and down that north face).
  • Second scene: “light diffusion.” No recollection; sorry, this scene.
  • Finally, I think I was in the fire station back in NH maybe, or some similar concrete-floored space with daylight to the east and west, and there was something to do with a helmet and with a tank of fuel that was labeled something like “Kerosene/Whatever.” (My notes for this just say “helmet/fuel (Kerosene/Whatever).”)

fall leaf sun aka maplevilion

On a lovely sunny autumn mid-morning, I walked into East Somerville on Pearl St. To the left ahead was a park, with some steps down into it that led directly into a wooden pavilion, sort of like a full-window-walled cabin with the windows just openings. There were smallish maples adjacent with stunning yellow and maybe also red leaves. The sun was shining in from the right as I went in and was diffusing wondrously through the maple leaves; it seemed like all I could see through the windows from some spots was the illuminated leaves. I think there was a rustic kitchen setup inside the pavilion, with counters, a sink, a range, etc. There were a few other people around, mostly parents and kids seemingly.

stove proliferation

  • I was with my parents plus some friends or classmates at the cabin in Maine; the Reginald stove was in the middle of the east wall, the Kineo stove (IRL in NH) to its south, both on, though I didn’t notice the presence of the Kineo for a while. The conversation among us was about how easy it was to heat the space with a small stove, despite there being two stoves on. A third stove showed up between the two first ones, maybe the oven.
  • A bookstore/library in Portland, Maine was visible from the southeast in a 45° bird’s-eye view on a sunny day, perhaps in a map interface; it comprised a couple of connected volumes extending onto a dock area to the east, linked by a part labeled “English Dictionary,” which seemed to be a room multiple stacks deep. Subsequently I was inside the bookstore and the dictionariness of the English Dictionary was not apparent; at that point I was near the west door of dictionary room, the intervening wall or at least that door being glazed, and the bookshelf against the east wall temporarily had lots of cool bird books, with the label cards in white Times bold letters on a dark background.

dub bombs

  • Walking on a wide city street, eastward I think, with my roommate, on maybe a gray day, I saw a plane (a dubstep plane?) (that was in my draft notes!) flying straight toward the ground as a stunt. Then I saw more doing the same. Suddenly I realized they were actually bombs falling; they were light gray and narrow, ellipsoidal with back fins, about 3′ long. One dropped on the street nearby and didn’t explode, just clattered against the ground as it hit, but even so we reversed course to run and hide behind a nearby masonry wall perpendicular to the street, which seemed to be holding up the portico of a boxy building, up a few steps off the street.
  • A WXC trip was underway and we were traveling variously in a school bus and in multiple cars; the trip was to take two weeks, but I had only packed for about one day, vexingly.
  • My parents and I showed up at last minute to a wedding in a parking lot, but that seemed to be fine.


Uh-oh, all I wrote in the draft for this were single-noun-phrase summations of each scene, and now too much time (11 days) has elapsed for me to remember them further. Here they are nonetheless: (1) Sumac berries. (2) Pepperoni / donut hole. (3) Temple run. (4) Missed guitar lesson.