UKF lesson

  • On the east side of a cliffy, terraced city hill, there was a building complex consisting of two symmetrical volumes running east-west (but to the north/south of each other), each containing two parallel corridors also running east-west through the length of the volumes, with dorm rooms or apartments off the corridors. The buildings had a modern/industrial-materials look; they harmonized well with the surroundings, as though they were concrete and the surrounding land was limestone. The hillside dropped off in a gulf between the buildings, I think. There were some other large buildings further north and south. I was there with a friend on a clear evening twilight, purply-blue, because someone who lived there (named Gary I think) had borrowed a bunch of towels from another friend of ours for too long and we were trying to figure out where he was in order to ask for the towels back. I think the friend with the towels maybe lived in the complex too, or other people I knew. The corridors were clinical-looking but not oppressive, lit by cool indirect fluorescent light.
  • I was with a mixed group of people, probably 10–20, queuing outside at the east side of a tallish city building; we were there to attend a class on producing UK funky. It was a clear, coldish day, I think, and it was late afternoon so that we were in the shadow of the building. Once we were let in, we went into a compact, dimly lit room (no sun coming in, at any rate) and sat down at antique wooden writing desks, facing west. I was near the left side; to my left were lots of outlets in the wall, which I either mentioned or intended to mention to the others for plugging in their gear.

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