night boating

A few scenes:

  • There was a group of people camping in the woods along a dirt road one night, their tents spread out diffusely through the site. I forget whether I was traveling along the road or with the camping group. One guy planned to go boating on a river right then, I think, with his son; I told him going on moving water in the dark was always a bad idea. (I mean, isn’t it?) I realized later on that he was or looked like Wolfgang Voigt. (If you Googled him and found this: this is a dream journal, I am not impeaching his real-life judgment.)
  • I was moving into a dorm room in a large, high-ceilinged, white-walled attic with lots of midmorning sunlight; I had eMac with me.
  • I discovered a new version of ReBirth that had a new interface for the 303 with pitch on a vertical axis like a software sequencer for faster and easier loop composition; it also had weird Apple-Genie-like zoom/scroll fx.

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