mural music

Whoo! It’s actually halfway through November now, but I’m going to publish each post of this 11-draft-deep backlog with the date of its having been dreamed, since you can do that, thanks WordPress. ThordPress. So:

  • Kingdom and someone else and I were walking along in the city on a sunny morning on the way to putting up a stories-tall mural or building-side collage that was somehow a bass music track as well; the piece involved large squares of muslin.
  • I was among a number of people atop a hill ridge running north-south with a tall chain-link (I think) fence also running north-south, along the spine of the ridge. There was a wide flat asphalt area on at least the west side of the fence and maybe on the east side as well, or maybe the east side had a gravel road running along the fence or something. Beyond the asphalt was forest. The west side seemed to be a security-protected airport area enclosed by the fence, though no airport buildings or planes or anything were evident. There was a panoramic view out to wooded mountains in the west. It was sunset, with roiled dark gray clouds with a hint of sunset glow mostly filling the western sky; suddenly I noticed that the last sliver of sun was just sitting on the mountains on the western horizon. I turned my camera on and it took forever to be ready to take a picture, so that the sun finished setting before I could snap it. I strode northward across the open asphalt area to get to where the sun wasn’t yet set and went through a gate to the east side of the fence, so that I had to go through security again to get back to the west side.
  • I was walking with a couple of friends southward across some school athletic fields on a dim gray day, probably at twilight. We went into a nearby low open-plan rectangular building that seemed to be a warehouse-studio or something, with a line of translucent windows circling the walls and with fluorescent or HID lighting inside. Some sort of conversation ensued about keeping balloons around and other things I forgot.

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