pan-Atlantic run

These scenes I noted down just after waking up when I was still pretty hypnagogic, so they’re real fresh.

  • I was on a run in Bermuda, at a main intersection on a cloudyish day, and I think I was pondering which direction to take the route through, e.g. east vs. northwest or something like that. I had already been out about an hour and figured I’d probably need two more hours to get home, and hoped my parents wouldn’t start worrying. I set off on maybe the southeast road and ran on the right side rather than the normal left because of the reversed driving direction. My mom picked me up in the car to drive me back closer to home and drop me off so I’d be able to run a shorter, more desirable distance. We drove east at first (toward Bangor, I think), erroneously, then after a while, in the midst of an evergreen forest, turned around and drove back west; I requested to be dropped off at Winchester (MA) so it’d be about a 4-mile run to get back, to Somerville or Medford. So the general theater of activity seemed to be simultaneously Bermuda, NH, ME, and Greater Boston. Way to cohere, brain.
  • I was in a tall room in the next house to the north in NH; the room was longer east-west, and its walls were some sort of deep color, I think, and the room was at the north end of the house as there were windows on all sides but the south. There were a number of other people in the room; it seemed to be a low-key gathering attended by the people I would usually see at village events. I think the day was cloudy there too. I was up near the ceiling next to the middle of the north wall and was making new electrical connections (the external connections to the house, it seemed, even though the work area was interior) at the top of the wall. The surrounding expanse of wall was lit by diffuse incandescent lights. One set of wires coming in was like speaker wire, and it took some effort to twist the constituent wires at the bare ends to keep them from frizzing. Another couple of sets that I needed to connect together seemed to be made of just matte, slightly squishy plastic of teal, blue, purple, and red colors, and for some reason I was supposed to not connect a wire of a given color to its same-color wire in the other set, but to switch them in pairs, e.g. maybe connect teal to red and vice versa and blue to purple and vice versa. These plastic wires seemed to morph further into diffuse, sticky foam rubber pieces that I just had to squish together against the wall.

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