BNM shenanigans + NWS graphics

I just started reading some P4k reviews this morning, which suddenly brought back to mind that, it must be last night or the night before, I dreamed of reading a couple of P4k reviews from years ago; one had a score of 7.1 but was given Best New Music, which blew my mind; and this was compounded by then happening upon a 9.3 (or at least something above 9) review that was not Best New Music. I don’t remember what the albums or artists were. I’m almost certain this was a dream.

ADDENDUM bonus nap dream just now: I loaded the local National Weather Service page and the row of day and night forecast graphics had been replaced with a continuous, zoomable, sparkliney, color-coded widget like WeatherSpark (with blue background for clear weather, maybe green for cloudy and yellow for precip or something like that), but fitting into the area the graphics had taken up. The page also had a golden yellow background maybe, and it also seemed as if I were outside in golden late-afternoon sunlight coming in low from the northwest, maybe looking at the website on a tablet or something, and the surroundings seemed to be like Norway Plain above the pond in Hancock. This scene was presumably motivated by the, as I write, IRL ongoing passage of a cold front with the scattered rain it’s brought and consequently my frequent checking of the NWS forecast page, as well as by the subconscious memory that the NWS is IRL going to update the look of their forecast pages.

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