The scene I remember from this morning after falling back asleep post-sunrise is being with a couple of friends outside in what seemed like the backyard in NH — with the wall of a house just to our east and a concrete pad against it. It was an early morning with the sun slanting in low from the southeast, seeming like mid/late fall except that the temperature was mild or at least unnoticeable. At least it was like that after a while, it might have started as an overcast afternoon. One of my friends had a smallish plastic basin partly filled with a curious liquid that she said had strange physical properties. I tried swiping my hand through it and it rippled non-viscously like water; I had expected some sort of non-Newtonian behavior like a cornstarch emulsion, so I was confused and said that I couldn’t figure out how it behaved differently from water. There were large pools of standing water in the yard, including by the concrete pad, so as an illustration of my confusion I brushed my hand through a pool, and the sun caught the ripples. The friend with the basin took us over to a slight rise in the land a few yards to the west so that the sun could hit the liquid in the basin as well, at which point I saw that it was opaque and semi-metallic in the sunlight, and all became clear.

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