automotive + snow vagueness

My memory of last night’s dreams has faded significantly since I woke up this morning, of course, since it’s now evening, but I do sort of remember a couple of scenes: one where there was some sort of industrial process happening to a type of car — it appeared to be the central structure of the car body, made of concrete or something similar-looking, being installed in the car, but I remembered it afterward (as I was cataloging what I’d dreamed about when I woke up in the middle of the night) as something to do with fuel replacement or such. It seemed to be happening outside in a yard, maybe on a piece of land shaped like a long triangle. The other scene I can remember a bit is running through the snow on an initially sunny but then overcast day, generally eastward but sort of curving around, when a little kid, maybe kindergarten-age, who was with a group of kids and parents maybe a little ways over to the north who were also playing in the snow, crossed in front of me. He then pulled up alongside me after I continued on and imitated me as I did some kind of jumping-jack-like motions or something with my arms (can’t really remember that well at all) and instructed him on same.

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