synth tablets

A tall-ceilinged room that seemed sort of like an art studio was the first setting I recall; it was lit by some daylight a distance away and by incandescent lights shining against the walls or ceiling. I think I was in some sort of martial arts routine with a couple other people at first, but later we were playing music; someone was playing bass guitar and then I think I was playing it. I was thinking about the tone of the bass guitar — that it seemed nearly a pure sine tone, but with a little bit of harmonics, so that it might have shown up in a waveform as a near-sine wave with some fuzz. The setting seems to have eventually morphed into at home on a cloudy late morning, maybe; I was in the family room with a set of synthesizer modules that were in the form of thin tablet-shaped units about 1′ x 1+’ in area, attached side-by-side and sitting on the floor. Some of the tablets had keyboards, others seemed to be more like samplers or other sorts of controllers. Some kids showed up at the front door selling something or other, and my parents brought them in to show them the synthesizer since they thought it would interest them. We explained the workings of some of the modules; I picked up a small sub-module from one of the tablets, maybe about 4×6 inches, and explained that it was a bass guitar, which could be seen by its four thick strings (though my visual memory of it doesn’t really include strings, but who knows).

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