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mural music

Whoo! It’s actually halfway through November now, but I’m going to publish each post of this 11-draft-deep backlog with the date of its having been dreamed, since you can do that, thanks WordPress. ThordPress. So:

  • Kingdom and someone else and I were walking along in the city on a sunny morning on the way to putting up a stories-tall mural or building-side collage that was somehow a bass music track as well; the piece involved large squares of muslin.
  • I was among a number of people atop a hill ridge running north-south with a tall chain-link (I think) fence also running north-south, along the spine of the ridge. There was a wide flat asphalt area on at least the west side of the fence and maybe on the east side as well, or maybe the east side had a gravel road running along the fence or something. Beyond the asphalt was forest. The west side seemed to be a security-protected airport area enclosed by the fence, though no airport buildings or planes or anything were evident. There was a panoramic view out to wooded mountains in the west. It was sunset, with roiled dark gray clouds with a hint of sunset glow mostly filling the western sky; suddenly I noticed that the last sliver of sun was just sitting on the mountains on the western horizon. I turned my camera on and it took forever to be ready to take a picture, so that the sun finished setting before I could snap it. I strode northward across the open asphalt area to get to where the sun wasn’t yet set and went through a gate to the east side of the fence, so that I had to go through security again to get back to the west side.
  • I was walking with a couple of friends southward across some school athletic fields on a dim gray day, probably at twilight. We went into a nearby low open-plan rectangular building that seemed to be a warehouse-studio or something, with a line of translucent windows circling the walls and with fluorescent or HID lighting inside. Some sort of conversation ensued about keeping balloons around and other things I forgot.

multi mbiras

IRL I have one small mbira and was jamming on it yesterday and recording it; I now recall that last night at one point I dreamed that I had two more mbiras that I had entirely forgotten about; they were both larger than my RL one and at least one of them had an additional soundhole and set of keys, to the upper right of the main set. Both also had a small set of round black keys above the soundhole along the top edge, shaped rather like the solid keys of an oboe. I discovered all these things in sequence as though I had tunnel vision, rather than seeing all the details of each mbira at once, and each new discovery added to the excitement.

pan-Atlantic run

These scenes I noted down just after waking up when I was still pretty hypnagogic, so they’re real fresh.

  • I was on a run in Bermuda, at a main intersection on a cloudyish day, and I think I was pondering which direction to take the route through, e.g. east vs. northwest or something like that. I had already been out about an hour and figured I’d probably need two more hours to get home, and hoped my parents wouldn’t start worrying. I set off on maybe the southeast road and ran on the right side rather than the normal left because of the reversed driving direction. My mom picked me up in the car to drive me back closer to home and drop me off so I’d be able to run a shorter, more desirable distance. We drove east at first (toward Bangor, I think), erroneously, then after a while, in the midst of an evergreen forest, turned around and drove back west; I requested to be dropped off at Winchester (MA) so it’d be about a 4-mile run to get back, to Somerville or Medford. So the general theater of activity seemed to be simultaneously Bermuda, NH, ME, and Greater Boston. Way to cohere, brain.
  • I was in a tall room in the next house to the north in NH; the room was longer east-west, and its walls were some sort of deep color, I think, and the room was at the north end of the house as there were windows on all sides but the south. There were a number of other people in the room; it seemed to be a low-key gathering attended by the people I would usually see at village events. I think the day was cloudy there too. I was up near the ceiling next to the middle of the north wall and was making new electrical connections (the external connections to the house, it seemed, even though the work area was interior) at the top of the wall. The surrounding expanse of wall was lit by diffuse incandescent lights. One set of wires coming in was like speaker wire, and it took some effort to twist the constituent wires at the bare ends to keep them from frizzing. Another couple of sets that I needed to connect together seemed to be made of just matte, slightly squishy plastic of teal, blue, purple, and red colors, and for some reason I was supposed to not connect a wire of a given color to its same-color wire in the other set, but to switch them in pairs, e.g. maybe connect teal to red and vice versa and blue to purple and vice versa. These plastic wires seemed to morph further into diffuse, sticky foam rubber pieces that I just had to squish together against the wall.

BNM shenanigans + NWS graphics

I just started reading some P4k reviews this morning, which suddenly brought back to mind that, it must be last night or the night before, I dreamed of reading a couple of P4k reviews from years ago; one had a score of 7.1 but was given Best New Music, which blew my mind; and this was compounded by then happening upon a 9.3 (or at least something above 9) review that was not Best New Music. I don’t remember what the albums or artists were. I’m almost certain this was a dream.

ADDENDUM bonus nap dream just now: I loaded the local National Weather Service page and the row of day and night forecast graphics had been replaced with a continuous, zoomable, sparkliney, color-coded widget like WeatherSpark (with blue background for clear weather, maybe green for cloudy and yellow for precip or something like that), but fitting into the area the graphics had taken up. The page also had a golden yellow background maybe, and it also seemed as if I were outside in golden late-afternoon sunlight coming in low from the northwest, maybe looking at the website on a tablet or something, and the surroundings seemed to be like Norway Plain above the pond in Hancock. This scene was presumably motivated by the, as I write, IRL ongoing passage of a cold front with the scattered rain it’s brought and consequently my frequent checking of the NWS forecast page, as well as by the subconscious memory that the NWS is IRL going to update the look of their forecast pages.

morning lake

The one scene I remember clearly (besides an earlier one where a friend and I strode eastward through an airport on a gray day as if we owned the place, having left earlier to run an errand or quest or something and arrived again just in time for a flight maybe) is from after I fell back asleep having seen some lovely rosy pre-sunrise sky colors out my window, which seems to have influenced the dream: I was on a boat on a lake, looking out to the north; there were mountains, I think, and it seemed like a boreal place. I think other people were on the boat too. It was morning twilight, and there were big cirrus formations in the sky that were glowing pink and giving everything a pinkish cast. I observed some birds in succession on the water, including a gull and then some doves, which were swimming in the water as if it were their wont, like waterfowl.


The scene I remember from this morning after falling back asleep post-sunrise is being with a couple of friends outside in what seemed like the backyard in NH — with the wall of a house just to our east and a concrete pad against it. It was an early morning with the sun slanting in low from the southeast, seeming like mid/late fall except that the temperature was mild or at least unnoticeable. At least it was like that after a while, it might have started as an overcast afternoon. One of my friends had a smallish plastic basin partly filled with a curious liquid that she said had strange physical properties. I tried swiping my hand through it and it rippled non-viscously like water; I had expected some sort of non-Newtonian behavior like a cornstarch emulsion, so I was confused and said that I couldn’t figure out how it behaved differently from water. There were large pools of standing water in the yard, including by the concrete pad, so as an illustration of my confusion I brushed my hand through a pool, and the sun caught the ripples. The friend with the basin took us over to a slight rise in the land a few yards to the west so that the sun could hit the liquid in the basin as well, at which point I saw that it was opaque and semi-metallic in the sunlight, and all became clear.

automotive + snow vagueness

My memory of last night’s dreams has faded significantly since I woke up this morning, of course, since it’s now evening, but I do sort of remember a couple of scenes: one where there was some sort of industrial process happening to a type of car — it appeared to be the central structure of the car body, made of concrete or something similar-looking, being installed in the car, but I remembered it afterward (as I was cataloging what I’d dreamed about when I woke up in the middle of the night) as something to do with fuel replacement or such. It seemed to be happening outside in a yard, maybe on a piece of land shaped like a long triangle. The other scene I can remember a bit is running through the snow on an initially sunny but then overcast day, generally eastward but sort of curving around, when a little kid, maybe kindergarten-age, who was with a group of kids and parents maybe a little ways over to the north who were also playing in the snow, crossed in front of me. He then pulled up alongside me after I continued on and imitated me as I did some kind of jumping-jack-like motions or something with my arms (can’t really remember that well at all) and instructed him on same.

synth tablets

A tall-ceilinged room that seemed sort of like an art studio was the first setting I recall; it was lit by some daylight a distance away and by incandescent lights shining against the walls or ceiling. I think I was in some sort of martial arts routine with a couple other people at first, but later we were playing music; someone was playing bass guitar and then I think I was playing it. I was thinking about the tone of the bass guitar — that it seemed nearly a pure sine tone, but with a little bit of harmonics, so that it might have shown up in a waveform as a near-sine wave with some fuzz. The setting seems to have eventually morphed into at home on a cloudy late morning, maybe; I was in the family room with a set of synthesizer modules that were in the form of thin tablet-shaped units about 1′ x 1+’ in area, attached side-by-side and sitting on the floor. Some of the tablets had keyboards, others seemed to be more like samplers or other sorts of controllers. Some kids showed up at the front door selling something or other, and my parents brought them in to show them the synthesizer since they thought it would interest them. We explained the workings of some of the modules; I picked up a small sub-module from one of the tablets, maybe about 4×6 inches, and explained that it was a bass guitar, which could be seen by its four thick strings (though my visual memory of it doesn’t really include strings, but who knows).