church trumpet

On what seemed to be a sunny early afternoon via bright, prettily diffused indirect light from clerestory windows, I was seated among a bunch of people, but not a packed crowd, in a medieval hall, maybe that of a church, with pews facing mainly north. There was some light coming in from north windows as well, but they were the only ones besides the clerestories. Barry Obama was sitting to the right at a west-facing pew near the front playing a trumpet; microphones picked up the sound and amplified the lowest notes to be really bassy, and I realized their fundamental frequencies were actually quite low (~200 Hz). Some guy with a beard sitting in a north-facing pew a little further back next to the center aisle also spoke into the microphone in front of him — the microphones were attached directly to the pews and were of the same age as the building, somehow using non-electric technology (magick?).

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