proofreading school

On a hike through an area northwest of home that resembled central/northern Britain (moors and smallish pieces of woods) on a late afternoon, stretching to around sunset, with the sky mostly high overcast, I was crawling for some reason on grassy ground, then upright on a gravel path once got to it going north. There were early flowers (clover etc) blooming. I came, walking north, to a building comprising a few volumes, one octagonal in plan and classical in detailing, the others long modernist blocks attached to it, one extending north-south to my east and the other east-west ahead of me. I approached the complex and greeted one or two students coming out of the modern wing ahead. Its ground floor was recessed behind the footprint of the upper level, so there was a patio covered by the upper level, and then the interior of the ground floor was largely bounded by glazed walls. The patio and interior were lit by fluorescent lights since twilight was upons. The ground floor was down a small slope as I approached. I went in and talked to students hanging out on the lower level (which was furnished with couches, tables, maybe some counters) and learned from them that it was a satellite of UNH: a grad school for proofreading. It seemed to be connected to the law school. Some of them talked about how there was an emphasis on quickness, avoiding taking forever on a proofreading.

The scene seemed to shift to out front at home, on a wintry twilighty day. Two Jamaican guys drove up in a swish black car, or maybe in separate cars; one of them (with dreads) was maybe on some kind of mission that the other was trying to thwart, or something — at least the latter was an antagonist — and a chase ensued into the house, except it turned back into the proofreading school, and the students and particularly the professors (who also were housed there, in interior quarters north of the glazed common space where I’d been on the ground floor) were really excited about the action, getting up and checking out the scene even though it was the middle of the night at that point.

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