Long Island railway house

Among lots of other dream snippets, mostly seemingly in urban or campus settings and with a large cast of people, many of whom I knew, some I didn’t, the one I recalled best was going to the family house on Long Island of one of my WU friends, on a dappled sunny afternoon. The house was on the east side of a semi-elevated north-south railway with great deep stone wall sides, next to a road dipping down to the side and then returning to nearby the railroad walls. There was also some kind of high enclosure on the east side of the property too, so it was sort of a big courtyard or hole in general spatial terms. I remarked that it was the neatest place around because of this setting. At some point a bunch of us were in a semi-interior space in the house that was open to the outside to the south and also had a clerestory window to the east, but it was mostly quite shadowy, no artificial lights on.

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