Boris reaxion

  • I was at a spaceship-like hermetic sort of hotel room (its lavatory was built into a wall, the entrance was a heavy vertical sliding door etc, the whole thing kind of Red Dwarf-like), within a nested series of spaces maybe, working on some research or something; but it was in Hancock village, at the west end of Main St. I was working there near midnight at that point, and I left to walk home and get some supplies but then realized at the east end of Main St that I might just as well take my research home to work on, so I turned around. But before that on the walk east (on the north sidewalk) I met and walked with one particular webcomics artist and asked when his wife was expecting, to which he replied “any moment now,” and then started heading off to the left toward the RL library area, which was the hospital where his wife was. At that point he said “Happy New Year,” to which I responded “Indeed,” like some sort of asocial numbnut. After turning around and getting back to the west side of the village, realizing that I had a flashlight but that to my dismay it was just about out of batteries, I saw someone vandalizing cars parked around the area. I pursued him and threw a kid’s tricycle at him to try to get him to stop, and it made him run out of sight. I complained to someone else I knew about it who said that the guy worked the night shift at the cafe and was venting his frustration with same, and I started to feel sorry for him.
  • I was at a gettogether in what seemed like a sort of airport-like glassy interior, talking with a couple of friends about Boris the band (while hearing them on the speakers) and seeing them live. One of them was visibly overwhelmed by the music, and I made a face of wild googly eyes and shaking to simulate the full effect, which made me lose my balance and stumble forward, which we all thought was hilarious, then I woke up, possibly via RL chuckles.

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