All right, now THIS is the worst slacking I’ve ever done on getting these post drafts finished and published. Not only did I wait till the evening of the very last day of the month, but it’s the NEXT MONTH (it is actually August 31st as I write this) — I still have to do all of July’s posts in addition to August’s. Henceforth I will be indicating the date of the dream by the apparent publishing date, since that turns out to be possible. Here we go.

  • I was on a run starting in Temple, going around a tight corner in the road just past the village to the northeast, with some people in the running club, on a sunnyish midmorning; instead I reached maybe Nashua, the road curving south to southwest with a body of water out to the left, with a very clear (and unduly close) view of Boston to the southeast beyond the water.
  • I was at a big-box store with a friend and his older sister, whose birthday it was, of an evening twilight; I went to look for a restroom down a wide desolate hallway (it felt like walking westward) and found an employees-only one. I was directed to turn back toward the main part of the store to find the public men’s room (the women’s room was in the other direction). After we went through checkout and back out to the parking lot (which was on the east side of the store), I talked with a WXC teammate who happened to be there about dubstep and how I liked LFO’d sine subs but less so midrange wobble. Upon our departure in a car, there were a couple of WU friends standing in the parking lot, and I made the Home Alone face at them thru the rear window; they did likewise and followed us out of the parking lot running, staying with us even on the highway (then I woke up).

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