seed capsules

From the 25th: I was sitting at the south seat of the kitchen table, looking out the windows; it was a ragged-cloudy day, with wind blowing in from the north. I saw that seed capsules were floating by in great numbers; they were really beautiful, small seeds with white filaments radiating in all directions like plasma balls, but the filaments were only about a half inch long, and the spheres they formed were also manifested a little stronger by perhaps white film around the surface or by fibers spreading a very small distance perpendicularly from the ends of radiating filaments, or something similar. The spheres were in turn clustered in large (~1.5′ diameter) spherical clusters, which reminded me of Volvox, except that their interiors were occupied with spheres, not empty like Volvox, and that detail kept me from remarking on that to the person(s) sitting at the table with me, for some fear of being called out on it. Some seed capsules were floating free, and I think some of the spherical clusters were ragged or incomplete.

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