Bermuda ways

The scene I remember from last night was set at the Port Royal golf course in Bermuda, a frequent RL childhood haunt; it was Aprilish, so bits of snow remained on the ground in areas shaded by pine woods. I was running (laboriously, occasionally almost walking) on informal dirt paths near the greens, lower down among the pines. It was fun to be there and see the paths, just off to the side of greens, sometimes in woods, mostly on the west side. The paths also intersected with main trails, including one I went onto that was covered with snowmobile-trodden snow and went west up a steep hill (near the top of which the snow cleared) to an info/visitors center that had been relocated from an even higher-elevation spot nearby a few years back that we’d been to but I didn’t recall. Donations were asked for at an outdoor cash register at the entrance; I gave $5 after not having been sure if I had much cash at all before checking my wallet. The center was next to a big field to the north. One part of the interior was a cathedral-ceilinged room containing a pit area along its west or north edge with a large rotating apparatus that some kids were playing on; there was seating and other lobby-like stuff closer by in the non-sunken section of the room. The pyramidal ceiling was beautifully structured/decorated with (ostensibly) typically Bermudian wood latticework.

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