OK, now on to June. (Edit: I phrased that that way because previously the March 6 and May 19 posts were published this same evening just before this post, but I moved their publishing dates so they’d be in chronological order in the archive. #didyouevencare) There are actually eight of these, not just five plus today’s, oh joy. Anyway, from the 2nd:

  • I was driving the Saab south on our road, across an intersection with another dirt road (the intersecting road going only toward the west), and the road led to an area of farms to the southeast with a long view. The road surface became ledgy rocks, but I was still able to navigate the car over them without slipping or bottoming out. It was a cloudyish green-season day. I ended up at a brick building that looked like a waterworks, and some people were there on a walk and/or hanging out, and they turned out to be WU friends; by then it was a sunny cold winter morning with snowy surroundings.
  • The house across the road/gap from home (it seemed not to be separated from our house by a vehicular way) had been added to with a boxy natural-wood-colored addition plus a sort of pergola/frame structure extending from it over a side courtyard, which had built-in wood benches and a wood floor that folded up in panels, rotationally symmetrically (order 4). One of my Wms classmates lived there with his family, I think; I realized that the house had been this way for a good part of a year and rediscovered iterated nature journal sketches I’d done of the courtyard area in different weather conditions and times of day, Monet-style.
  • I was talking with a guy about the aum symbol, which he called (I think) the “aum kshatriya” or maybe some other kind of kshatriya, because I asked him if that was the aum symbol and he said not really, but IRL it was. I paged through the blue calligraphy book (the one in that hand-drafted RL series of calligraphy books) to try in vain to find it — I had just seen it somewhere a few minutes previous — and mentioned that the calligraphy series was like a bible to me growing up (which it was IRL). I went out to the parlor porch to a bookcase (in the rain) to get the Time-Life Civilizations book on ancient India to look for it there.

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