attic room

From the 14th: I was on the second floor of a house with a field to the east and south on a sunny late morning, with lots of sunlight coming in. The rooms up there were open to each other and to the sky via skylights and windows. On the west side of a partial north-south wall was maybe my bedroom, and on the east side was a semi-attic room that seemed finished even so with a wood floor and white walls. The items in the attic-ish room included a tote bag holding a bunch of stuff, including four copies of a plush polychromatic ball of mine, plus two more copies that were just green and blue, and a couple of soft (somewhat destuffed) globes. I think I was confused about which wall switches turned on which lights — they all seemed to turn on lights in adjacent rooms or outside. Subsequently it became clear that there was a bunch of people and maybe some sort of event in the field.

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