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Bermuda ways

The scene I remember from last night was set at the Port Royal golf course in Bermuda, a frequent RL childhood haunt; it was Aprilish, so bits of snow remained on the ground in areas shaded by pine woods. I was running (laboriously, occasionally almost walking) on informal dirt paths near the greens, lower down among the pines. It was fun to be there and see the paths, just off to the side of greens, sometimes in woods, mostly on the west side. The paths also intersected with main trails, including one I went onto that was covered with snowmobile-trodden snow and went west up a steep hill (near the top of which the snow cleared) to an info/visitors center that had been relocated from an even higher-elevation spot nearby a few years back that we’d been to but I didn’t recall. Donations were asked for at an outdoor cash register at the entrance; I gave $5 after not having been sure if I had much cash at all before checking my wallet. The center was next to a big field to the north. One part of the interior was a cathedral-ceilinged room containing a pit area along its west or north edge with a large rotating apparatus that some kids were playing on; there was seating and other lobby-like stuff closer by in the non-sunken section of the room. The pyramidal ceiling was beautifully structured/decorated with (ostensibly) typically Bermudian wood latticework.

seed capsules

From the 25th: I was sitting at the south seat of the kitchen table, looking out the windows; it was a ragged-cloudy day, with wind blowing in from the north. I saw that seed capsules were floating by in great numbers; they were really beautiful, small seeds with white filaments radiating in all directions like plasma balls, but the filaments were only about a half inch long, and the spheres they formed were also manifested a little stronger by perhaps white film around the surface or by fibers spreading a very small distance perpendicularly from the ends of radiating filaments, or something similar. The spheres were in turn clustered in large (~1.5′ diameter) spherical clusters, which reminded me of Volvox, except that their interiors were occupied with spheres, not empty like Volvox, and that detail kept me from remarking on that to the person(s) sitting at the table with me, for some fear of being called out on it. Some seed capsules were floating free, and I think some of the spherical clusters were ragged or incomplete.

racetrack superimposition

From the 24th: I was looking at a magazine centerfold, a photo shot horizontally across a racetrack, with the spectating crowd blurred in the background, showing four vehicles floating one above the other (well, the bottom one was on the racetrack) — a couple of them were people maybe riding on what seemed to be small rockets, the others were racecars I think, and they were all jumping one over the next but were at that moment perfectly aligned vertically. The photo was in brightish color so that it seemed as though it would have come from the 60s or 70s, but it was actually from 1949, as captioned in large bold wide quite possibly red characters at the base of the photograph.

ski pit

From the 22nd: I was skiing in snowy pine woods on a late afternoon; in the middle of the woods was a great square pit that seemed to be thousands of feet deep, but within it were multiple mini-mountains of snow, which I cascaded over and down, proceeding ever deeper into the pit; even though it seemed enormously deep, it was relatively easy to clamber back out via a ladder. The walls of the pit were maybe wooden like the interior of a rustic house, and lit by incandescent light in a cozy way.

hip-hop dinner

From the 20th: (1) I was at what seemed to be a formal dinner with WU/Wms friends, but it was occurring after dark on a linear city park next to a boulevard, under nice trees, with illumination coming in from the side, from exterior lighting from buildings at a distance. It seemed to have something to do with hip-hop. There were dining service staff around doing the catering. (2) I was at a big student gathering outside in what seemed like the area to the north of the boatshop, except with a north-facing open porch on the building next to the open space. People started singing a patriotic song and I just mouthed along because I didn’t know any of the verses.

lumber help

From the 15th: I was walking out of a bar/cafe in NYC on a sunny morning; there was a truck parked on a wide sidewalk nearby that contained many long pieces of lumber, 2-bys or so; I helped move them to a pile somewhere else nearby on the ground, but I left my purple backpack at another spot on the ground to do so and was worried it would get stolen, but it didn’t.

attic room

From the 14th: I was on the second floor of a house with a field to the east and south on a sunny late morning, with lots of sunlight coming in. The rooms up there were open to each other and to the sky via skylights and windows. On the west side of a partial north-south wall was maybe my bedroom, and on the east side was a semi-attic room that seemed finished even so with a wood floor and white walls. The items in the attic-ish room included a tote bag holding a bunch of stuff, including four copies of a plush polychromatic ball of mine, plus two more copies that were just green and blue, and a couple of soft (somewhat destuffed) globes. I think I was confused about which wall switches turned on which lights — they all seemed to turn on lights in adjacent rooms or outside. Subsequently it became clear that there was a bunch of people and maybe some sort of event in the field.


OK, now on to June. (Edit: I phrased that that way because previously the March 6 and May 19 posts were published this same evening just before this post, but I moved their publishing dates so they’d be in chronological order in the archive. #didyouevencare) There are actually eight of these, not just five plus today’s, oh joy. Anyway, from the 2nd:

  • I was driving the Saab south on our road, across an intersection with another dirt road (the intersecting road going only toward the west), and the road led to an area of farms to the southeast with a long view. The road surface became ledgy rocks, but I was still able to navigate the car over them without slipping or bottoming out. It was a cloudyish green-season day. I ended up at a brick building that looked like a waterworks, and some people were there on a walk and/or hanging out, and they turned out to be WU friends; by then it was a sunny cold winter morning with snowy surroundings.
  • The house across the road/gap from home (it seemed not to be separated from our house by a vehicular way) had been added to with a boxy natural-wood-colored addition plus a sort of pergola/frame structure extending from it over a side courtyard, which had built-in wood benches and a wood floor that folded up in panels, rotationally symmetrically (order 4). One of my Wms classmates lived there with his family, I think; I realized that the house had been this way for a good part of a year and rediscovered iterated nature journal sketches I’d done of the courtyard area in different weather conditions and times of day, Monet-style.
  • I was talking with a guy about the aum symbol, which he called (I think) the “aum kshatriya” or maybe some other kind of kshatriya, because I asked him if that was the aum symbol and he said not really, but IRL it was. I paged through the blue calligraphy book (the one in that hand-drafted RL series of calligraphy books) to try in vain to find it — I had just seen it somewhere a few minutes previous — and mentioned that the calligraphy series was like a bible to me growing up (which it was IRL). I went out to the parlor porch to a bookcase (in the rain) to get the Time-Life Civilizations book on ancient India to look for it there.