ATV trip

From the 23rd:

  • I was at the beforemath of the wedding of one of my friends, along with a number of other people; we were outside on an early summer late morning in what looked like the backyard (via honeysuckles) except maybe without the house there. There were white folding chairs to be arranged by the honeysuckles in rows facing east. There was also a lake, or maybe a chain of small ponds, or a combo thereof, nearby with docks. I sat out on one of the docks and found the water lapping up hazardously close to the dock level, so I was worried about getting my pocket notebook wet. I decided to take the notebook out and swim east to the opposite shore (which was quite close by) while holding it above water. I got out and went into the cabin nearby, at the back side of which were woods, like at camp. One of my friends offered me some large round pieces of strawberry chewing gum from a box; he was using the gum as a breath freshener, which seemed odd to me given the flavor. There seemed to also be some shoes at the bottom of the box (the scale of the box and its contents was ambiguous).
  • Another scene was overlooking a logging road, which went toward the east and, further along, the south, in the woods near dusk. A kid got on an ATV and rode it down the road, and my bird’s-eye view followed him. He went by a great variety of oncoming vehicles, including other ATVs and a tractor-trailer; some parts of the road under a foot of water; eventually the POV shifted to first person and, instead of the ATV, I seemed to be riding some kind of cart or frame with small shopping-cart-like wheels. I emerged at the top of a steep gravelly hill going down toward the west, which had a medium-sized clearing in the woods on and at the base of its slope; there were a number of people around the clearing. I steered the cart diagonally down a zigzagging path, as going straight down seemed a recipe for tipping over. After I reached the base of the hill, I turned around to go back up the road. At that point it was a somewhat sunny afternoon, with dappled sunlight coming through the trees.

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