(EDIT: publishing date changed to dream date to get this in correct chronological order. This was actually published on June 30, which is why the following introduction seems inexplicable. Sorry for the chronoconfusion.) The other one from the vaults, a little more recent — May 19th: I was in an Aalto-like building on a sunny afternoon; part of it was a parallel series of long sort of living-room-like spaces arrayed around sunny, blue-skied, peach- or sand-colored courtyards, and these spaces curved slightly to the right in plan as one went in (toward the northeast). One could look back out into an amorphous large space with traditional Aalto details. There was some kind of quiet hour at 3:00, so I had to leave then; there were people about who seemed to be college students, as though it were common space for student housing, or a student center. When I left, I emerged into a grand north-south atrium, with a glass ceiling and a swimming-pool-like basin in the middle; there were lots of people about, some sitting along the edge of the basin, some walking around, and there was lots of reverberating voice noise.

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