zenith snow

From the 6th:

  • a punk/pop song was being played live by a group of about six people, including one Indian guy who looked a little like Michael Steele and was playing a sitar-like instrument; this took place in a large space but it seemed maybe a temporary structure, like a big tent filtering sunlight into deep red diffuse light; it was part of some event, as there were a lot of people around.
  • There was heavy snowfall at home, with the long garage roof in particular having its snow load curling around the eave, and yet the sun was at the zenith, a pretty weird combo.
  • On a cloudy twilight, there were birds both in backyard and around front porch, including one ruddy one with a seemingly damaged wing that just glided from place to place; I wanted to capture it to try to help it or take it to a vet. Cardinals wooed by front porch. A mixed-gender group of about four young people walked up along the road and into driveway; I asked them if they needed directions; they were going to sign up for Selective Service — I looked at a pamphlet that one of them had and it described going downtown to the old post office to do so. I couldn’t remember whether that was what I’d done back when I signed up.

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