knoll house

From the 5th: I noticed a dirt road somewhere in town, I think to the northwest of the village, extending into pine woods to the north (like at home IRL), which went up very steeply over a couple of knolls and then up to a house nestled in one of the hillsides (it was a nice small house with rough white-painted clapboards, a row of windows and a low roof), bending around its east side and curving up to the west along the north side. I drove to the house with my dad around sunset (it was spring or summer) to investigate it to see if it violated road engineering standards via its steepness; we went up to the house to talk to owners; they seemed skeptical at first and I was worried they’d take our inquiry in a hostile fashion, but they ended up being quite reasonable, and we ended up got a ride from them to Main St. As the twilight deepened, they let us off just off Main St onto Forest Rd to walk home thence. There were a bunch of people around as if for some event or just for evening activities, but the only light was the twilight, no streetlights or lights from buildings.

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