Kaplan stop

From the 3rd: I was driving across the country with a friend or two; it was a clear, crisp, mostly sunny day. I was no longer sure what state we were in; it seemed to be a Plains state, but with a fair amount of dense forest. There were a couple of groups of people at farms who took potshots at us (and somehow we circled back around by them several times) but didn’t get close to actually hitting the car. A dial to the left of the steering wheel changed the tint of the windshield tint, like changing the exposure level on a camera. Although I think we were headed generally east, we arrived westbound in a town with Old West-style buildings along its main street, except that the blocks were very dense and the buildings were a great variety of colors. Lots of businesses had “Kaplan” in the name, so I assumed the town was Kaplan, but we still had no idea which state it was in. The street jogged at one point; we went into a bar on right side of the street there and used the restrooms. The men’s room was brightly lit with side lights, and with its white walls it was a stark contrast to the rest of the bar.

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