railyard events

Whoa! Almost forgot about having to get these done 2nite. (EDIT: all these May posts were actually published on the 31st, but I am changing the publishing date of all the ones before the May 19th post to their dream dates (ha! double entendre, n’est-ce pas) so that that one, which was not written till June, will be in chronological order with the rest of the May entries. Got it? No?) So, from the 2nd: I was at a railyard out in a flat, open, desolate area, with tracks going west out of it; it was afternoon at first. There was some sort of contraption containing water that had to be poured into some kind of setup at the end of one of the tracks. Later on, when it was dusky, weird tangly black clouds rolled in from the east. A double-decker train (just a single car, like a bus) with bright-yellow-tinted glass rolled in, and apparently there was somehow a movie showing happening within it. There were also a couple of other smaller vehicles on the tracks, including a Model A; I was worried that the yellow train would hit the A, but a switch was thrown and the A moved out of the way. Then I was worried that the switch wouldn’t be reset before the train got there, but it was. Riders emerged from the train after it stopped and seemed dazed and perturbed, so I was glad I hadn’t seen the movie after all even though I’d wanted to. I wandered southwest out toward the edge of where the bright lights on the station reached, maybe there was a dog around; I think at that point the area was the shore of the ocean stretching west.

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