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ATV trip

From the 23rd:

  • I was at the beforemath of the wedding of one of my friends, along with a number of other people; we were outside on an early summer late morning in what looked like the backyard (via honeysuckles) except maybe without the house there. There were white folding chairs to be arranged by the honeysuckles in rows facing east. There was also a lake, or maybe a chain of small ponds, or a combo thereof, nearby with docks. I sat out on one of the docks and found the water lapping up hazardously close to the dock level, so I was worried about getting my pocket notebook wet. I decided to take the notebook out and swim east to the opposite shore (which was quite close by) while holding it above water. I got out and went into the cabin nearby, at the back side of which were woods, like at camp. One of my friends offered me some large round pieces of strawberry chewing gum from a box; he was using the gum as a breath freshener, which seemed odd to me given the flavor. There seemed to also be some shoes at the bottom of the box (the scale of the box and its contents was ambiguous).
  • Another scene was overlooking a logging road, which went toward the east and, further along, the south, in the woods near dusk. A kid got on an ATV and rode it down the road, and my bird’s-eye view followed him. He went by a great variety of oncoming vehicles, including other ATVs and a tractor-trailer; some parts of the road under a foot of water; eventually the POV shifted to first person and, instead of the ATV, I seemed to be riding some kind of cart or frame with small shopping-cart-like wheels. I emerged at the top of a steep gravelly hill going down toward the west, which had a medium-sized clearing in the woods on and at the base of its slope; there were a number of people around the clearing. I steered the cart diagonally down a zigzagging path, as going straight down seemed a recipe for tipping over. After I reached the base of the hill, I turned around to go back up the road. At that point it was a somewhat sunny afternoon, with dappled sunlight coming through the trees.


(EDIT: publishing date changed to dream date to get this in correct chronological order. This was actually published on June 30, which is why the following introduction seems inexplicable. Sorry for the chronoconfusion.) The other one from the vaults, a little more recent — May 19th: I was in an Aalto-like building on a sunny afternoon; part of it was a parallel series of long sort of living-room-like spaces arrayed around sunny, blue-skied, peach- or sand-colored courtyards, and these spaces curved slightly to the right in plan as one went in (toward the northeast). One could look back out into an amorphous large space with traditional Aalto details. There was some kind of quiet hour at 3:00, so I had to leave then; there were people about who seemed to be college students, as though it were common space for student housing, or a student center. When I left, I emerged into a grand north-south atrium, with a glass ceiling and a swimming-pool-like basin in the middle; there were lots of people about, some sitting along the edge of the basin, some walking around, and there was lots of reverberating voice noise.

chimney damage

From the 17th: I was in a finished attic part of the house, lying down (maybe it was a bed loft) looking up through a flattish skylight with muntins at the top of a stone chimney. A truck with a severely overhanging (to the side) orange ladder or other sort of frame structure came up the road and knocked the henge stones (that held the cap aloft) and maybe more off the chimney, which clattered down around the skylight. At this point I realized I probably shouldn’t have been under the skylight while that was happening (via potential breaking glass).

woods bridge

From the 12th: I was walking on a woods road east/northward to a bridge, which was somewhere I had taken a trip to, to say bye to the surroundings. It seemed to be late afternoon, with sun low in the southwest, but it was actually almost 11PM. I turned around and walked back south/west and by a room that a friend of mine was staying in (I seemed to be in a corridor at that point) so I stopped to say hi.

tornado times

From the 8th: I was in a dorm room (seemed more apartment-size) in Mission. Looking online on my laptop, I discovered storms developing on the weather radar, and these led to tornadoes in the area, so I went downstairs to the basement, but the space at the bottom of the stairs was a multi-level bathroom, and someone was taking a shower, in the dark, at the center of the room, which was partly walled- and ceilinged-off from the rest of the room and was sunk about a story below the surrounding parts of the bathroom. I think the whole area was tiled in white. Anyway, not wanting to intrude, I left; outside to the south, a tornado was touched down over an old midrise brick building, like in STL, and black dust and debris were filtering out a few of the windows; however, the sun was shining and there were large expanses of blue sky.

zenith snow

From the 6th:

  • a punk/pop song was being played live by a group of about six people, including one Indian guy who looked a little like Michael Steele and was playing a sitar-like instrument; this took place in a large space but it seemed maybe a temporary structure, like a big tent filtering sunlight into deep red diffuse light; it was part of some event, as there were a lot of people around.
  • There was heavy snowfall at home, with the long garage roof in particular having its snow load curling around the eave, and yet the sun was at the zenith, a pretty weird combo.
  • On a cloudy twilight, there were birds both in backyard and around front porch, including one ruddy one with a seemingly damaged wing that just glided from place to place; I wanted to capture it to try to help it or take it to a vet. Cardinals wooed by front porch. A mixed-gender group of about four young people walked up along the road and into driveway; I asked them if they needed directions; they were going to sign up for Selective Service — I looked at a pamphlet that one of them had and it described going downtown to the old post office to do so. I couldn’t remember whether that was what I’d done back when I signed up.

knoll house

From the 5th: I noticed a dirt road somewhere in town, I think to the northwest of the village, extending into pine woods to the north (like at home IRL), which went up very steeply over a couple of knolls and then up to a house nestled in one of the hillsides (it was a nice small house with rough white-painted clapboards, a row of windows and a low roof), bending around its east side and curving up to the west along the north side. I drove to the house with my dad around sunset (it was spring or summer) to investigate it to see if it violated road engineering standards via its steepness; we went up to the house to talk to owners; they seemed skeptical at first and I was worried they’d take our inquiry in a hostile fashion, but they ended up being quite reasonable, and we ended up got a ride from them to Main St. As the twilight deepened, they let us off just off Main St onto Forest Rd to walk home thence. There were a bunch of people around as if for some event or just for evening activities, but the only light was the twilight, no streetlights or lights from buildings.

Kaplan stop

From the 3rd: I was driving across the country with a friend or two; it was a clear, crisp, mostly sunny day. I was no longer sure what state we were in; it seemed to be a Plains state, but with a fair amount of dense forest. There were a couple of groups of people at farms who took potshots at us (and somehow we circled back around by them several times) but didn’t get close to actually hitting the car. A dial to the left of the steering wheel changed the tint of the windshield tint, like changing the exposure level on a camera. Although I think we were headed generally east, we arrived westbound in a town with Old West-style buildings along its main street, except that the blocks were very dense and the buildings were a great variety of colors. Lots of businesses had “Kaplan” in the name, so I assumed the town was Kaplan, but we still had no idea which state it was in. The street jogged at one point; we went into a bar on right side of the street there and used the restrooms. The men’s room was brightly lit with side lights, and with its white walls it was a stark contrast to the rest of the bar.

railyard events

Whoa! Almost forgot about having to get these done 2nite. (EDIT: all these May posts were actually published on the 31st, but I am changing the publishing date of all the ones before the May 19th post to their dream dates (ha! double entendre, n’est-ce pas) so that that one, which was not written till June, will be in chronological order with the rest of the May entries. Got it? No?) So, from the 2nd: I was at a railyard out in a flat, open, desolate area, with tracks going west out of it; it was afternoon at first. There was some sort of contraption containing water that had to be poured into some kind of setup at the end of one of the tracks. Later on, when it was dusky, weird tangly black clouds rolled in from the east. A double-decker train (just a single car, like a bus) with bright-yellow-tinted glass rolled in, and apparently there was somehow a movie showing happening within it. There were also a couple of other smaller vehicles on the tracks, including a Model A; I was worried that the yellow train would hit the A, but a switch was thrown and the A moved out of the way. Then I was worried that the switch wouldn’t be reset before the train got there, but it was. Riders emerged from the train after it stopped and seemed dazed and perturbed, so I was glad I hadn’t seen the movie after all even though I’d wanted to. I wandered southwest out toward the edge of where the bright lights on the station reached, maybe there was a dog around; I think at that point the area was the shore of the ocean stretching west.