homelessness trials

From the 23rd. Disclaimer: as always, what follows is a description of a dream I’m describing; I didn’t really have any dealings with the FBI. Just in case you arrive at this post without realizing it’s part of a dream journal, somehow.

I was with some friends in some sort of transportation center, like the lobby of a train station or an airport, on the ground floor, with doors out to the street on the north side. One of said friends had been homeless a while, and we formulated a plan for him to get into a large cardboard box, which would be sealed up and driven over to the FBI HQ, where apparently one could receive a 6-figure amount for remedy of homelessness or something. I ended up having to be the driver, which I was hesitant about via being worried about having to deal with the FBI. After dropping the package off (it was a very short drive thither), I left without waiting for them to open it; I really hoped they wouldn’t use big knives like in the Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” to open it. Later on I received a long set of reproachful emails from the FBI, some of which I think involved how my friend’s surprise appearance upon the opening of the box scared a group of little kids at the office. Ha!

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