greenhouse office

Hahahaha oh dear a backlog for the whole month! Good thing I’ve only written down about every other night’s worth of dreams this time around, but I really need to handle this today or tomorrow due to Circumstances. So, from the 1st (Fool’s Eve):

  • I was in a sort of pavilion-like single-story building that ran north-south and was glazed all along the east side but had no windows to the west, and was maybe built into a hill on that side. I think the glass on the east side continued up onto the roof like a greenhouse. Just outside the east wall was a somewhat narrow patio running the whole length maybe. The interior was partitioned by a few glass walls along the building’s length, and the solid walls were finished in black tile; the rooms seemed to be a sort of fusion of kitchen and office. At first I was in one of the rooms toward the south end of the building with one of my friends, inventing a “new religion” (a hypothetical one) on paper; maybe it was a class assignment or something. There were stairs down to the east beyond the south end of the patio, and later, returning to the greenhouse building from the south, I walked down them to avoid disturbing the people in the office. A bunch of students were having lunch on a landing below, and one of them whom I’d been working with (I guess maybe I was a TA for something) called out to say hi; it was difficult to pick her out at first among the multitude. At that point it was somewhat sunny, with the sun in a forenoon position.
  • I was walking around a mostly open, flat grassy area but with some stands of trees and with fairly long views, and I think the light changed between night and day; there were several spring-flow streams curving next to or passing under the road I was on, which ran generally north-southish; the whole place appeared somehow enchanted, maybe with pinkish/purplish glows from the ground (while it was dark out) or such.

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