field teeth

From the 17th:

  • There was a carriage made out of a translucently thin, hollow shell chocolate that opened up like a jaw, with steps like its teeth to climb into it, and it seemed to be suspended on a frame like a porch swing. #weird
  • At a light rail station in LA on a hazy midday, at an intersection between north-south and east-west lines, a 99 train came and my parents and I didn’t get on it because of a reason that I didn’t note down.
  • In a hallway of what seemed to be a hotel with a small, multilevel wood-finished courtyard to the north of said hallway, I said hi to Avey Tare and Panda Bear. Why do I dream about AnCo repeatedly when I don’t even listen to them? Probably HRO is to blame.
  • I was riding with a group of people in a van or train south or east by land that sloped up steeply to left. Said land was forested higher up but was open field lower down next to road; the border between field and wood was an acute zig-zag, and these teeth of the field extended way up the slope, sometimes very steeply. I remarked to an adjacent rider how perilous it would be to try to walk up there.
  • There was a Polish history lesson and/or performance; it was in the presence of a big mural depicting a Swedish king, Copernicus, and others, on the west exterior wall of a tall building that seemed to be near some other large buildings but in a somewhat sparse area overall.

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