Connecticut Canal

From the 14th: I was floating down what apparently was the Connecticut River on a sunny late afternoon, except it was extremely condensed, only on the order of a hundred yards long, and it was more like a canal or even an industrial chute, rectangular in cross section; it was a few feet wide and flowed south after a woodsy spot labeled “MERIDEN,” which was populated by a couple of lakeside cottages; above that point I think the river/channel came in from the northeast, and there was more water to the west, either an inlet or an adjacent pond, which the sun was shining across. I think there was a shelf on the west edge of the channel. Many of my books were in the water, either partly or totally submerged. I ended up in a T-intersection inside a corridor-like area of a building that ran east-west and was open to the north or at least glazed on that side, so I could see where the channel had come from. I think the books and I, or one or the other, were dry after getting out of the water.

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