central burner

From the 25th: I was with a good number of people in a small windowless room lit maybe by a movie projection on the north wall and nothing else. We were sitting around a table-sized gas burner in the center of the room; the burner was at least 2′ in diameter and had six radial gas rods. At first it was on high flame. I was sitting at the south edge of the room; there was a tipped-sideways pot of stew sitting on the edge of flame near. I dished the spilled stew back into the pot (there was an edge around the burner that the stew had spilled onto, I wasn’t like getting the stew off the floor or nothin’). Then or at some point around there, part of the flame near me went out; I blew on it to restart it, and the new flames went pretty high toward the ceiling; I was admonished not to do so again. Later the whole thing went out and this time I quickly turned the gas off; the control was in the center of the burner for some reason.

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