cemetery parade

From the 11th:

  • I was in an art/architecture-like class in a dark auditorium, with free chairs pointed toward the stage to the west; the class seemed to comprise mostly high school students, with some WU classmates scattered around. I sat in the front of the room with the high-schoolers, where it was crowded, while other WU people were on the periphery in order to avoid the crowding, as I discovered at a lunch break. At that point the setting seemed to be outside (on a clear sunny day, but in a shady area), as some of my friends were seated at the west edge of the boatshop. Some colored drawings of mine had been reproduced in print as part of maybe my submittal for the class or for the application to it or something.
  • There was a parade or similar sort of show with horses and floats around the cemetery area; just to the northwest was a high rocky hill, visible from the house, which I hadn’t noticed before.

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