bookstore escapades

From the 22nd:

  • I rode a bus-like train a couple stops southward into what seemed like DeBaliviere station, post-sunset; the driver announced that it was the end of the line, so I got off, but then it continued toward Davis (to the west) where I was going, so it seemed like I maybe could have stayed on; I got on the next train coming in from the east, and the driver kept chiding me (I seemed to be the only one on) about various things like suitcase placement. I got off at Davis, which seemed to actually be Bermuda, with a road curving down from the south and then heading on eastward.
  • I was walking around in a bookstore that was mostly one open area (no windows, either that or it was nighttime; the halogen lights were the only illumination) but that also had a sort of sanctum sanctorum in the middle (offset to the north) enclosed from the main room, with an entrance on its east side, that left a short corridor of space behind it connected on both sides to the main space. I went to this corridor area, approaching from the west end, and against the wall of the inner room were several animals sitting around together, including an affectionate dog (maybe a lab) with very soft fur that came up to lick me, plus maybe a bird, maybe a small ungulate of some sort, and maybe something else, a right Bremen Town Musicians. Subsequently, I had a big piece of food between my teeth, like a whole chive, which I worked on picking out while continuing to walk around, and while doing so I accidentally caught the reproachful eye of the store owner behind the counter to the south, a middle-aged man. Some of my WU classmates were in the southeast corner of the store at a set of tables, and I went over to talk CAD with them. This area seemed to have a lower ceiling and sort of a shadowier, nightclub, blue-glow ambience. Eating dinner there after that, I suddenly noticed I’d gotten a burn from the side of a stove (located in the store, in the western part) on my white t-shirt.

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