big moon

From the 2nd:

  • I had an immersive POV in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (whichever one that is, 9 or whatever); it was set in the early 20th century but with the original characters, so a lot of them were 200–300 years old, although they didn’t look it. I was at the entrance to a pub at night, a door in a long blank wall running north-south, with the outside to the west, with steps leading up into the pub; the area was covered by a porch roof running along the building. It was maybe on the edge of a harbor; on the deck of a moored ship in the harbor, Jack Sparrow appeared suddenly in the middle of a red-lit array of other pirates. Also at some point God and some other maybe heavenly agents were around, God being completely white like a marble statue, with beady statue eyes and a huge body and robes relative to his head. He seemed to be in a pretty jokey mood.
  • I was in my room on a sunny afternoon looking through a pair of jagged oddly shaped prisms in my room during afternoon; the combo made the perceived image the right way round but condensed and way off at an angle, like some sort of periscope (and actually somewhat like a single prism IRL; I was dreaming that a single prism would produce a mirror image). Out the window I could see a huge moon over in the low south-southeastern sky, probably at least 10 degrees wide; this was unnerving, but the Moon didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Near the Moon’s terminator was beautiful, sharply resolved shadowed relief of craters.

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