bay road

From the 8th:

  • On an early-summery sunny late morning, I planted two red maples along the south edge of the backyard for better shade after the removal of the butternut; wood biscuits were used (I didn’t quite understand how) to help secure their roots.
  • I wound eastward downhill along winding, scenic asphalt road on a sunny earlyish morning; it was next to a bay, I think, on the right side, and there were ocean views out ahead. I was on wheels of some sort, maybe a bike. The road led to a promontory or more open area where the ocean opened up around the land; in another part of the dream I recalled that this place was maybe called Xavier or something else with an X. Here there was some sort of pool/rec complex facing south, with a large entrance on that side and doors on the north side as well, and with cream-colored tiles in the rooms inside. A bunch of people were in and around the building.
  • Once again it was morning, but with the sun partly occluded by altostratus, and I and some other people were at the Wanigan. I needed wet newspaper for some sort of project there. We saw a dark gray overcast patch of sky to the south, and someone (maybe me) said that Arkansas was bringing us bad weather (apparently this was in Missouri).

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