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central burner

From the 25th: I was with a good number of people in a small windowless room lit maybe by a movie projection on the north wall and nothing else. We were sitting around a table-sized gas burner in the center of the room; the burner was at least 2′ in diameter and had six radial gas rods. At first it was on high flame. I was sitting at the south edge of the room; there was a tipped-sideways pot of stew sitting on the edge of flame near. I dished the spilled stew back into the pot (there was an edge around the burner that the stew had spilled onto, I wasn’t like getting the stew off the floor or nothin’). Then or at some point around there, part of the flame near me went out; I blew on it to restart it, and the new flames went pretty high toward the ceiling; I was admonished not to do so again. Later the whole thing went out and this time I quickly turned the gas off; the control was in the center of the burner for some reason.

gas pumps

From the 24th: it was a late, muggy-summery afternoon; along the road opposite the house were a couple of small old-timey single gas pump stations. One was up the road just a bit, maybe on the same side as the house actually, but the other was right across from it. I think I pulled up to the latter and then maybe backed out onto the road again without stopping. All else is forgotten.

homelessness trials

From the 23rd. Disclaimer: as always, what follows is a description of a dream I’m describing; I didn’t really have any dealings with the FBI. Just in case you arrive at this post without realizing it’s part of a dream journal, somehow.

I was with some friends in some sort of transportation center, like the lobby of a train station or an airport, on the ground floor, with doors out to the street on the north side. One of said friends had been homeless a while, and we formulated a plan for him to get into a large cardboard box, which would be sealed up and driven over to the FBI HQ, where apparently one could receive a 6-figure amount for remedy of homelessness or something. I ended up having to be the driver, which I was hesitant about via being worried about having to deal with the FBI. After dropping the package off (it was a very short drive thither), I left without waiting for them to open it; I really hoped they wouldn’t use big knives like in the Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” to open it. Later on I received a long set of reproachful emails from the FBI, some of which I think involved how my friend’s surprise appearance upon the opening of the box scared a group of little kids at the office. Ha!

bookstore escapades

From the 22nd:

  • I rode a bus-like train a couple stops southward into what seemed like DeBaliviere station, post-sunset; the driver announced that it was the end of the line, so I got off, but then it continued toward Davis (to the west) where I was going, so it seemed like I maybe could have stayed on; I got on the next train coming in from the east, and the driver kept chiding me (I seemed to be the only one on) about various things like suitcase placement. I got off at Davis, which seemed to actually be Bermuda, with a road curving down from the south and then heading on eastward.
  • I was walking around in a bookstore that was mostly one open area (no windows, either that or it was nighttime; the halogen lights were the only illumination) but that also had a sort of sanctum sanctorum in the middle (offset to the north) enclosed from the main room, with an entrance on its east side, that left a short corridor of space behind it connected on both sides to the main space. I went to this corridor area, approaching from the west end, and against the wall of the inner room were several animals sitting around together, including an affectionate dog (maybe a lab) with very soft fur that came up to lick me, plus maybe a bird, maybe a small ungulate of some sort, and maybe something else, a right Bremen Town Musicians. Subsequently, I had a big piece of food between my teeth, like a whole chive, which I worked on picking out while continuing to walk around, and while doing so I accidentally caught the reproachful eye of the store owner behind the counter to the south, a middle-aged man. Some of my WU classmates were in the southeast corner of the store at a set of tables, and I went over to talk CAD with them. This area seemed to have a lower ceiling and sort of a shadowier, nightclub, blue-glow ambience. Eating dinner there after that, I suddenly noticed I’d gotten a burn from the side of a stove (located in the store, in the western part) on my white t-shirt.

field teeth

From the 17th:

  • There was a carriage made out of a translucently thin, hollow shell chocolate that opened up like a jaw, with steps like its teeth to climb into it, and it seemed to be suspended on a frame like a porch swing. #weird
  • At a light rail station in LA on a hazy midday, at an intersection between north-south and east-west lines, a 99 train came and my parents and I didn’t get on it because of a reason that I didn’t note down.
  • In a hallway of what seemed to be a hotel with a small, multilevel wood-finished courtyard to the north of said hallway, I said hi to Avey Tare and Panda Bear. Why do I dream about AnCo repeatedly when I don’t even listen to them? Probably HRO is to blame.
  • I was riding with a group of people in a van or train south or east by land that sloped up steeply to left. Said land was forested higher up but was open field lower down next to road; the border between field and wood was an acute zig-zag, and these teeth of the field extended way up the slope, sometimes very steeply. I remarked to an adjacent rider how perilous it would be to try to walk up there.
  • There was a Polish history lesson and/or performance; it was in the presence of a big mural depicting a Swedish king, Copernicus, and others, on the west exterior wall of a tall building that seemed to be near some other large buildings but in a somewhat sparse area overall.

cougar threat

From the 16th: I was with a sizable group of people on maybe a camping expedition in brownish woods on a sunny midday. We were in a couple of vans on a road sloping up to the west and then curving around toward the south. Perhaps we were uncovering boats. Cougars (actual ones, not human ones) were said to be about, and we were cautioned that they would go ahead and attack people, so we worked quickly and got back in the vans.

Connecticut Canal

From the 14th: I was floating down what apparently was the Connecticut River on a sunny late afternoon, except it was extremely condensed, only on the order of a hundred yards long, and it was more like a canal or even an industrial chute, rectangular in cross section; it was a few feet wide and flowed south after a woodsy spot labeled “MERIDEN,” which was populated by a couple of lakeside cottages; above that point I think the river/channel came in from the northeast, and there was more water to the west, either an inlet or an adjacent pond, which the sun was shining across. I think there was a shelf on the west edge of the channel. Many of my books were in the water, either partly or totally submerged. I ended up in a T-intersection inside a corridor-like area of a building that ran east-west and was open to the north or at least glazed on that side, so I could see where the channel had come from. I think the books and I, or one or the other, were dry after getting out of the water.

cemetery parade

From the 11th:

  • I was in an art/architecture-like class in a dark auditorium, with free chairs pointed toward the stage to the west; the class seemed to comprise mostly high school students, with some WU classmates scattered around. I sat in the front of the room with the high-schoolers, where it was crowded, while other WU people were on the periphery in order to avoid the crowding, as I discovered at a lunch break. At that point the setting seemed to be outside (on a clear sunny day, but in a shady area), as some of my friends were seated at the west edge of the boatshop. Some colored drawings of mine had been reproduced in print as part of maybe my submittal for the class or for the application to it or something.
  • There was a parade or similar sort of show with horses and floats around the cemetery area; just to the northwest was a high rocky hill, visible from the house, which I hadn’t noticed before.

bay road

From the 8th:

  • On an early-summery sunny late morning, I planted two red maples along the south edge of the backyard for better shade after the removal of the butternut; wood biscuits were used (I didn’t quite understand how) to help secure their roots.
  • I wound eastward downhill along winding, scenic asphalt road on a sunny earlyish morning; it was next to a bay, I think, on the right side, and there were ocean views out ahead. I was on wheels of some sort, maybe a bike. The road led to a promontory or more open area where the ocean opened up around the land; in another part of the dream I recalled that this place was maybe called Xavier or something else with an X. Here there was some sort of pool/rec complex facing south, with a large entrance on that side and doors on the north side as well, and with cream-colored tiles in the rooms inside. A bunch of people were in and around the building.
  • Once again it was morning, but with the sun partly occluded by altostratus, and I and some other people were at the Wanigan. I needed wet newspaper for some sort of project there. We saw a dark gray overcast patch of sky to the south, and someone (maybe me) said that Arkansas was bringing us bad weather (apparently this was in Missouri).

roadside rr bed

Uh, from the 6th all I have written down is “railroad bed running north-south as gravel sidewalk north of orchard (west side),” so there you go. Ah yes, actually I recall it a bit. The railroad ran nearly parallel to the road but not quite, so that they intersected at a shallow angle. My brain was probably thinking about the RL similar condition at Mill Rd. It was a lovely sunny probably autumn afternoon.