tank hill

From the 29th:

  • On a cloudy late afternoon, I was standing on a west-facing grassy slope covered by an array of unoccupied military tanks (i.e. in rows and columns); it was in China, and I skulked along with my newspaper between the tanks, but got caught by the authorities, and I approached them with my hands up to signal nonresistance, as they were pointing guns; the punishment for walking around there with the newspaper is that I had to stand facing east with my hands in air for 20 minutes, unmoving. One of them threw my newspaper in a puddle. I figured it wasn’t that bad of a punishment all told, so I just went ahead and stood there as required.
  • I had been working on, perhaps with other people, a model of an area of land much like that of the RL cemetery; it was made of card stock, maybe letter-size, that had been scored into a grid of smallish rectangles, some of which had had rectangular holes cut out, while in some places little rectangular strips of paper were glued over the main piece. It was quite abstract. Two-thirds or so of the way to the right side of the model was a column of scored narrow strips that were missing various amounts of their length, which the people (maybe studio instructors) I was inspecting the model with (and we seemed to be at or above the land it was modeling during this time) were displeased with, so I suggested gluing another layer of scored paper over the strips to eliminate the gaps, which they liked.
  • I sat down at the corner of a bar with a friend, and a guy who arrived and sat next to her kept waving his cigarette around in her face even after we asked him to stop, at which point I stood up with a start and kickboxed the cigarette out of his hand. Ha! I woke up before being able to dream about his reaction.
  • I was with some WU people, I think, on a tour of some sort of grand old building complex, on a bright overcast afternoon; we went through a north-south glassy link and into a courtyard/garden about a story lower to the west that it overlooked, which contained a couple big old wooden tables and chairs; to the south was an east-west-extended dining hall with food ready for us to eat (not at every place, but there was a surfeit of places and enough of them were set to accommodate us), which oddly seemed to have been there a few days and yet be OK to eat.

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