rocky rails

From the 28th:

  • I had a Street View/bird’s-eye view of some urban building courtyard; this view subsequently zoomed out to a ~3-mile-long development corridor extending west-east in maybe the Hillsboro/Concord area, with a range of sizes of blocky buildings, and forest to the south (I was seeing it from overhead to the north). It was late afternoon, with west-northwest low sun. To the east of this (maybe), whither my POV then headed, was an elevated, rusty, partly two-level railway built over ruddy, igneously rocky, east-sloping terrain with distant eastern views; the railway curved from its approach from the southwest leftward to exit the area toward the northwest. Still the sun was low and west-northwest. The railway was newly covered with very large (shed-size) granitic boulders to prevent trains from going through, but there was a sort of side rail area, suspended to the left of the lower rail level, that allowed me to ride a train (or just a train car, something small anyway) tenuously along it. The side channel gave out after the establishment of the northwestern bearing, though, so to avoid falling off, I had to grab a hold under the traffic lanes that the railway had turned into, and somehow I kept locomoting even though I no longer (as far as I can recall) seemed to be in contact with a vehicle. This switched to being in a regular subway-like train, which later switched to being in a large elevator, operated by a driver, with a brick-vaulted ceiling. The driver was letting it descend so fast that I and a guy standing next to me floated up to the ceiling. To my back, to the north, was a low-height partition (much like standing on the top bunk of the bed at camp) letting in bright daylight from below to the other side. As the elevator continued along, and as his friends looked on, the guy next to me pulled some acrobatic moves, supporting himself with the bunk post (as the scene seemed to have switched over fully to camp by then).
  • On a sunny/hazy late morning, I was with my parents, I think, in a sort of fenced-off exterior area with some picnic tables, which were maybe built into the fence, and was searching through a big bag on the table that mostly contained boxes of paints; I found a box of cereal and poured it and some milk into a bowl to try it out. It had an odd savory flavor, and I discovered that the ingredients included beef and oregano; oregano was listed in its (non-IRL) French spelling, containing a “ch” somewhere.

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