globe redecoration

From the 26th:

  • On a moist, cloudy day, in a sort of formal garden area with woods to the west of a lawn and a sort of pergola on the east side of said lawn, I was walking in and around a couple of plasticky Buddhist gazebos in different places. I think I was wearing running gear. At another point while walking along the pergola I noticed a bottle or can of something, like deodorant maybe, discarded at the west side of it.
  • My bedroom or wherever I kept my 1980s-era globe was being redecorated with current-day globes, so I had to move mine since it was outdated. : (
  • Early in the morning in some sort of hostel-like situation where I seemed to be bedded on a platform with a bunch of other people, I was listening to Charanjit Singh-like acid ragas and seemingly watching accompanying video footage on a screen, but the screen seemed to be on the front of a bass-amp-like box also sitting on the platform.

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