Bermuda highways

Hey ho, another backlog and of course right down to the wire, let’s take care of it. From the 17th (St. Patrick’s Eve):

  • I was sailing near dusk over a deep-woodsy park on what seemed to be a huge (sort of magic-carpet-sized) potholder; at another point I told someone about having dreamed this.
  • A sequence of morphing events: at a gas station was a maroon muscle car, which was maybe being discussed by its owner(s) and a 60ish-year-old man; later on the man was riding on some kind of extension seat in the back of the car east along a dry, dusty road through the woods on a sunny summer day; then I was riding in the back seat of the car, still going east but now along the south shore of Bermuda, which in contrast to IRL was heavily built up with large-scale commercial and industrial outfits. In particular there was a high-up bridge running north-south from inland of the shore out toward the sea, where it accessed another stretch of industrial zone on what would logically be reclaimed land. It seemed to be hazily sunny but an indeterminate time of day. This became a nighttime ride with my parents on an elevated highway, still in Bermuda, still heading east, but at night, and the highway was made of open steel grate material on the bottom and side railings, so that you could see the houses and gardens directly below it, somewhat vertiginously. This seemed to be something that we’d previously seen but that I had forgotten about for a long time. I think I also had a POV of the highway from down in one of the gardens, which was kind of scary itself, with all the traffic rushing very noisily by just overhead. We got to an intersection with a further elevated yet more solid-seeming north-south road (as though the ground were even with it) and made a sort of helical turn up onto it. Just to the right was a gas station, where we stopped; it seemed to consist of just a largish room with no windows and no lights on but a door open to the street (at the north end of its east side), so that it was dimly light by some infiltrating street light; on the north wall was an LCD interface, presumably for getting gas, that was very dimly lit and therefore hard to read, but I could make out the text well enough to see that it was malfunctioning.

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