rope ladder house

  • A few times, I was at the front (the north side) of a tall house, the appearance of which changed from each time to the next, the last transformation being due to an architectural renovation. It was recognizable each time, however, by certain elements that stayed the same, one being a large arched door a story or two up in the high front wall; there was also some sort of distinctive fringe at the edge of the roof, up and to the right of the door. The house was out of unpainted wood. The surroundings seemed very dim, almost as if the house was contained inside a much larger building. There was a series of wide rope ladders (more like rope nets) hanging down from various levels of the east side of the house from deep balconies, which some people climbed up to get into the rooms inside; I had difficulty climbing the ground-level ladder.
  • I was out in front of the house when a car drove by and fired some shots from a BB gun northwestward into a couple of windows of the house, although I didn’t really perceive the shots themselves as they happened, just the resulting holes. Through one window the BBs pierced the lid of a cassette player in a stereo system (but seemed not to affect the functioning of the player) sitting in a wall-wide shelf system against the north wall, while through the next window to the north they broke a screen in an old TV with multiple screens of various sizes, sitting in a similar, parallel shelf system (which meant that the room the TV was in must have been only a few feet deep), which I was rather distressed about. I found the BBs themselves on the green carpet on the floor, like the old parlor rug.
  • I went into a restaurant with my parents; to get into the main part, one had to be have a round sticker put on the back of one’s hand by a security agent behind a desk, and immediately after that one had to wash one’s hands at a lavatory station at the back wall ahead. Some attendants gave me some brown paper napkins to dry my hands, but before I actually washed. There were dining tables around the room to either side, with overcast daylight coming in from the left and right (east and west).
  • On a sunny afternoon, I was sitting on some marble steps in a quad at what seemed to be Wms, which led down (toward the south) from one grass terrace on the west side of the quad to a lower grassy area. People were playing Ultimate to my south (though it was middayish and overcast when I looked over and saw them), and some friends were around the area of the steps. Behind me to the west were some yellow classical buildings like the Foreign Ministry in Helsinki, flooded with golden-hour sunlight, and with the blue sky beyond I just had to snap the scene with my camera. Off in the distance to the east, in addition, were some blocky, iridescent clouds that looked almost like colored glass, and I photographed them as well. I think they may have morphed into architecture presentation boards against a wall.

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