Mansfield trip

EDIT: Oh weird yall, I only now noticed (Aug. 31) that this post already existed in conjunction with the previous one. Cool/confusing!

From the 6th: I was with a crew of WU friends in a rustic (but large, of indeterminate extents), exposed-studs cabin on an overnight trip. The next day we were to hike a loop most of the way up the east side of Mt. Mansfield on the east side. In the morning, we were at the base of the mountain, all suited up as if we were going up Everest, even though I think the conditions were fairly mild. The terrain was very rocky; it was all gray rocks, receding up toward the ridge to the west. The sun was bright and high up. I tried snapping photos with an iPhone but fiddled with the contrast settings first while pointing it at the mountain ridge and then up at the sun; at the lowest contrast everything but the sun was a middle gray.

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