From the 11th:

  • one setting was a Vermontish cabin with one main, high-ceilinged room with north daylight coming into it, and with smaller rooms arrayed around it. I was sort of constructing it as I went along. Charlie Brown and maybe Lucy were at a table at the north end of the main room by the windows and Charlie Brown was having Problems as usual.
  • At another point I was talking with Panda Bear and someone else (seemed to be someone I knew well, like one of my WU friends), maybe outside at a picnic table, about songs that were similar between MPP and AnCo’s next album, plus about what it’s like playing songs over and over again from one concert to the next, as well as about how huge Santa Monica really is. On the last point I saw an aerial late afternoon view of Santa Monica, which looked like a hyperdense city; there was a pyramid-like tower by a some vacant line of land running perpendicular to the shore at its east end, demarcating it from LA, while long brick-colored block rows extended west thence for miles toward downtown Santa Monica.

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